Clay, Application to Refinement


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The various tools that are used for shaping the clay can either be purchased or made by the individual.

Purchasing makes for an instant tool kit, where as making your own tools adds a bit of individuality and 

also makes them stand out amongst the rest.


Sketch of a selection of clay modeling tools.

The shapes to produce the tools are based upon standard forms which have been established over the years. With exception to specialized tools which are developed by the individual for unique situations that may arise during the modeling process.


With this in mind, I will proceed to make certain tools using basic materials and equipment.

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Clay Planes


Clay Mouse




Angle Bracket

Modeling Table

Miscellaneous Tools

Depth Gauge


                                                        Chavant tool enhancement


With all of the tool making processes be sure to use the appropriate safety measures and safety equipment for an enjoyable experience.


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