Clay, Application to Refinement


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This is the stage where the tools that have been constructed or purchased are put to the test. It is time to consider the project and map out the various stages, starting from the renderings and continuing through to a completed clay model. The various methods and techniques involved in the construction of the model, will be but a few of the many choices available to achieve the same results.


The choice of scale model can be from an original design, or one of your favorite vehicles.


For this particular project it can be but one vehicle. The 2000 Chevy Corvette.

Corvette Scale Model (pt 1)

Tape drawing


C5 Hard Top Corvette 3/4 front view

C5 Corvette full front view.

C5 Corvette full rear view

C5 Corvette, close up of  hood details.

C5 Corvette 3/4 rear view showing details of lights.


C5 Corvette side view.

The above photographs are a few of the images that will be used as a guide when sculpting the 1/5 scale model. By using the photographs as a direct comparison, the clay model will evolve and display the same subtleties as the production vehicle.


The finished model will be dinoced, with all opening and cut lines displayed in photographic tape. This will then portray the way a design proposal would be received in any major design facility.


If during the modeling process, you have any question regarding techniques or a clarification of a process is needed, please email or post on the forum the relevant questions. The questions will then be answered and posted in the FAQ's section or on the forum.


Enjoy the ride..................................................................Corvette technical data.



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