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Brazing Hearth

The home made brazing hearth consists of 12"x 12" ceramic tiles set in a plywood casing. This is a temporary set up purely for brazing and silver soldering small tools. It is robust enough to withstand the high temperatures even though the tiles may crack with the heat. When using the brazing hearth it is advisable to use appropriate safety equipment to prevent any accidents.




As you can see from the illustration above, the plywood is a support frame for the ceramic tiles.


The general proportion should be 2'x 2'x 1' , this will be big enough to silver solder or braze all the small tools that are required for clay modeling.


The materials required for building the brazing hearth are:


Plywood:   Base 24 3/4"x 12"x 3/4"

                    End   12"x !2"x 3/4"

                    Side  24 3/4"x 12 3/4"x 3/4"


Ceramic tiles: 5 off, 12"x 12"x 1/4" to 1/2" thick. The color of the tiles is a matter of choice.


The plywood framework is glued and screwed together to provide a rigid base for the tiles to seat on. The tiles are then fixed to the plywood with liquid nails, this provides a quick answer to fixing the tiles into place without using cement and worrying about the water swelling the plywood.



Once the tiles are set with the liquid nails, the tiles can be grouted to completely secure the tiles.

As you can see from the photograph above, the brazing hearth has already been tested on various tools already. It contained the heat sufficiently and the tools were brazed satisfactory.


I found that the tiles retained the heat for a considerable amount of time so make sure that you don't lean on the hot tiles after finishing your tools!


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